Monday 17 December 2007

Blogging Siesta

Hi to everyone who comes to visit my blog.
Due to some personal circumstances, and a family member in hospital, with a long recovery period coming up, it’s with some sadness that I’ve taken the decision to stop blogging for a while. I’m not sure how long that might be, it will depend how things go, all I know is I can barely log in just now never mind write a post! I hope to be back reading all your posts sometime in the New Year.
I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hope you have a great December time and Christmas.
With best wishes, Kelly-Janexx

Monday 10 December 2007

Six More Nigella Express….

Apologies for my lack posting, I’m blaming it on ill health, both mine and family members.... I’ve been keener to read other blogs rather than post on my own recently as well…. but here is one. Hope to be back blogging properly soon.

The end of November and all of December is such a busy busy busy time for so many of us. So much so that the daily meal cycle can become a bit of a grind, and our minds and energy are on other things.
I almost always take some sort of cold / flu bug at this time, and it’s a real pest. Just when I’d be looking for a boost of energy, what little I have disappears to try and fight le bug. This years is a particularly horrible one, something between cold / flu and (in my case) the inescapable larengitis. Anyhow where I’m going with this is Nigella Express is a real boon of a book in this busy and flu-y time. Many comforting good recipes that give the flagging Christmas card writer a boost, with little outlay in the way of energy – and for me now that is a real bonus =)

38 Ginger and Passion Fruit Trifle
This is really barely a recipe, but something that you could whip up to give last minute guests – or even planned friends coming round. Although Nigella did give quantities, I didn’t bother, just layered maderia sponge moistened with ginger wine, then cream and passion fruit on top. It tasted a lot more than it actually is. There weren’t even any leftovers!

39 Rapid Ragu
This is a fast ragu, as the title would suggest. Mince, jarred caramelized onions, tomatoes, lentils…. Simmered for a short while, then sprinkled with grated cheese. I liked this one, although it was oddly quite sweet with the jarred onions, alas no one else eating it liked it. Typical, something I like, eaasily attaiable on a weeknight and the family are not keen, oh well.

40 Prawn Pasta
This is a great little recipe, and I’ll make this one again for sure. I’d use a bit less chilli flakes though, as it was quite hot, and you know me and my chilli shy ways =)

41 Pancake Mix & 42 Blueberry Syrup
How do you get fast pancakes of a morning? Get someone else to cook them! Ha joke…. No really have a jar of pancake mix at the ready, then weight out, mix egg and liquid and spoon away onto a hot pan. The blueberry syrup is optional, but recommended as it’s gorgeous! A simple mix of blueberries and maple syrup; gives a syrup of beautiful colour and great flavour, which is not as sweet as it might sound – and all natural too!

43 Minestrone in Minutes
I made this out of curiosity really, it sounds a bit, well, weird! It’s no joke though, it tastes like something that you could have spent a couple of hours chopping and simmering away. I felt quite a fraud taking it to the table - knowing that I’d spent so little effort on it! I’ll be making / assembling this one again though, it’s a cracking last minute recipe when something nurturing and tasty is required – fast.