Sunday, 25 February 2007

So to Start!

I have a good collection of cookbooks and enjoy both reading and cooking from them, and this is where the title of this blog comes from – my joy in cooking from my books. Oh and of course eating I’m pretty keen on that too!

I’ll blog dishes I cook, and maybe other things that are food or table related, because the other things I seem to amass is cooking dishes, serving dishes, plates, glasses, pans, pretty bits and pieces for the table and so it goes on!

I hope you enjoy it.



Mara said...

Well done for taking the plunge, Kelly-Jane. I will bookmark your blog and pop in from time to time :)

Anna's kitchen table said...

Well done on a lovely start KJ, will pop in regularly, so thanks!

Paola Westbeek said...

Hi KJ!

Wonderful that you´ve got a blog! I will certainly be reading this one!

Good luck!


Kathryn said...

Me too! I love it already. I'll definitely be an avid reader. I need an excuse to buy more cookbooks - you are my model!

Kathryn x

Kelly-Jane said...

Mara, Anna, Paola and Kathryn thank you for the warm welcome to the blogging world!