Sunday, 9 March 2008

Chocolate with Mint Two Ways

I can never decide if my favourite chocolate pairing in baking is chocolate with mint or chocolate with orange, I think it swings back and forth. Here are two chocolate mint recipes, one form Dorie and one from Nigella.

Dorie’s Brrrrrownies have been a must make for a while now, they are a brownie batter with mint patties floded through before baking. In the UK mint patties have to come overseas, so it took me a little while to source them, and receive them. I did though and have now ordered more, because I will have to make these again! They were gooey, a little chewy, chocolate and oh so minty. Another great Dorie Recipe! It comes from Dorie Greenspan’s Baking From My Home To Yours. I found them very addictive, and they got the thumbs up from an American gentleman at hubby’s work – which I thought was a good thing =)

44. Chocolate Mint Cookies
Should minty brownies not be your thing here is the second - chocolate mint cookies from Nigella Lawson’s Nigella Express. These are a more a subtle dainty minty mouthful. Chocolate cookies with the mint in the icing. I may have to add a little more peppermint extract to the icing next time. They were a pretty cookie, even though they are all brown, with the drizzle of icing over the tops. Nigella suggested them for after dinner, we just had them in the afternoon with tea and coffee.

For anyone who has Nigella Express, I made the White Chocolate and Mint Mousse, I make a lot of different mousses (mice? lol) and hubby declared it as the very best mousse yet. No picture, unfortunately, but worth a mention for sure the recipes is here.

For anyone who didn’t know before Christmas I was doing a Nigella Blogging project to cook 40 recipes from Nigella Express, I’m actually up to about 70 something, but I wasn’t taking pictures during my break, so I’ll just carry on numbering the ones that have pictures.

Also for any new visitors no recipes here as, everyone should have Baking! and because Nigella Express is an ongoing project I couldn’t post half the book in recipes, and this wasn’t one I could find a link to!


Brilynn said...

Have you tried eating Dorie's Brrrrownies straight out of the freezer? They're amazing!

pistachio said...

Hi KJ, lovely to see you are back blogging again.

pi xxx

Deborah said...

I'm ordering Nigella Express, and I have Dorie, so I'm going to have to try both of these out!

Maggie said...

Choc and mint - wonderful.
I still love Afterdinner Mints!
It looks as though you are on a high with those two delicious sweet treats.

KJ said...

i love chocolate and mint. I especially love the sound of the white chocolate and mint mousse. That's definitely gone on my must try list.

Lydia (The Perfect Pantry) said...

Chocolate and mint is one of those primal flavor combinations from my childhood, when mint chocolate chip ice cream was my absolute favorite. I've never outgrown it.

Cheryl said...

I think chocolate and mint is my favorite. But those brownies are absolutely sinful.

Anonymous said...

I love my Dorie book which I bought after reading your blog Kelly Jane.

Are the mint patties like After Eights? I really fancy making these.

Patricia Scarpin said...

I have never baked with mint, can you believe it, Kelly-Jane?
I'm hungry now. :)

Kelly-Jane said...

Brilynn, that sounds awesome!

Pistachio, thank you =)

Deborah, They are both good books!

Margaret, I do too, a mint chocolate is so soothing.

KJ, It is really rich but very good.

Lydia, I was a mint-choc-chipper as well, might have to make that one again soon!

Cheryl, Thank you.

Glossy, I do glad you like Baking, it's good for cooking and reading too! I'm not sure if after eights would work. The patties are like hard peppermint creams that are covered in chocolate. I got mine from a US seller on ebay.

Patricia, It's a good combination - you should try it!


priscilla joy said...

Ooh, those brownies and cookies look delicious! Brownies are the best!

Cynthia said...

Kelly-Jane, you are a bad, bad girl. I am not a chocolate lover but now you have me craving and desperately wanting to eat those brownies.

Anonymous said...

Chocolate is good with anything! :) Nice to hear about your Nigella project!

Sigh...these are two books on my to-buy list!

Susan said...

Chocolate and mint, hands down!
Kelly-Jane, I will be posting a book meme adapted for cookbooks at some point in the next several weeks. Would you be interested in participating? I know some people aren't fond of memes. You are under *no* obligation. I thought of you b/c, well, b/c of your cookbooks. : )

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back!

The brrrownies look fab! and get my vote ;)

Dave XXX

Kajal@aapplemint said...

I've just ordered me my first book of dorie greenspan. Cant wait to try out her recipes.
I'm always in a dilemma like you , orange / mint , difficult to make a pick.
The brownies, look irresistible.

Cookie baker Lynn said...

Mint and Chocolate - sign me up! These both look amazingly delicious and since I have both books, I'll have to get cooking.

Kelly-Jane said...

Hello Pricilla! and thank you.

Cynthia, LOL, I can't be craving chocolate all by myself! =)

Joey, thank you and they are both great books!

Susan, Yes that sounds good =)

Hello Dave, nice to see you and thank you for leaving a comment. You'd love Dorie's Baking book!

Kate, I'm sure you'll get a lot of enjoyment from Baking!

Lynn, thak you =)