Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Unearthed – A Discovery

I’ve been offered a number of things to sample and review on my blog, and if I’m honest I don’t take up the offers most of the time. However towards the end of last year I was offered a sample of some products from Unearthed, and after viewing their website, they are just the sort of company I’d buy from so I accepted.

This is the package I was sent which arrived in a box with a big red ribbon round it – a nice touch I thought. I’ve very much enjoyed all the products, and they were all very good, and I would tell you if not!

I served the meats and olives/cheese box with some of Giada’s (De Laurentiis that is) caponata and some bread too. We ate this for supper one night when there was snow, ice and WINTER outside, and it was a very welcome burst of sunnier climes. The French Saucisson Sec with Herbs was good, the herby coating making them floral are herbacous, yet still meaty and savoury. The Spanish Chorizo was just as it should be when sliced like this. I’d hoped to have a few olives left, but they were quite compulsive, so alas we ate them all!!
Find the recipe for the caponata here.
I had a little chorizo left, so pan fried it to a crispy stage, removed it from the pan, and made a creamy past a sauce, then added the chorizo back in at the end.

The last part was the barrel aged feta cheese. I made a grilled pepper salad for this one, you could buy a jar, but on this occasion I blackened and skinned the peppers myself. Sprinkled over a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar, teeny bit of salt and pepper, then topped with the really divine feta and a sprinkle of toasted pine nuts. I would have added chopped parsley, but I wanted little Miss to try is, and I know the parsley would have put her off. We all loved it, success!

I had great plans for the rest of the feta, having earmarked a recipe for savoury muffins from Marcus Wareing’s new book Nutmeg and Custard. This was before I’d tasted it though, afterwards, we just nibbled it with some lovely biscuits, and let its amazing, superior flavour shine through. It didn’t have that nasty nip that some fetas can have, it was so well rounded and balanced. A really first class cheese in my opinion.
So thank you very much to the people at Unearthed for a lovely sampling taster, do have a look at their website, I’ll be ordering from them in the future for sure.


Anna's kitchen table said...

KJ, everything looks very delicious!
How nice of unearthed to send you some freebies, I've never heard of them before now...

PS Have missed seeing you around, hope you're well!

Maggie said...

I too recently discovered Unearthed and their products are wonderful.