Saturday, 6 March 2010

Eat Me Review and Cookbook Giveaway

I can hardly believe that it is the Third Anniversary of my blog. Time flies and all that… and of course my interest in food, cooking and cookbooks is as vibrant as it ever was.
To celebrate the Third Anniversary of Cooking the Books I’m giving away a new copy of a cookbook which I bought for myself months ago on pre-order and which arrived last week.
It’s by Xanthe Milton - Eat Me! The Stupendous, Self-Rising World of Cupcakes and Bakes According to Cookie Girl. How is that for a title? A fabulous book on baking cupcakes and cookies. I really like it, it’s just my kind of book- girl-y, a little whimsical and a whole lot tempting. Not to mention indulgent, and I love to indulge my family and friends with little sweet things, especially when it’s things that will give a lift to one’s heart and soul. There is something about baking for someone else, or having them bake for you that is special far beyond the sum of the time and ingredients involved. I want to make half the book, right now, this very minute!
Xanthe took a sabbatical from acting and started baking and delivering bakes to offices, this led to a stall at Portobello Market, cupcakes being sold by Selfridges amongst others and she also writes Cookie Girl columns for The Grove magazine regularly, her website is here. She has an obvious real love for cake, cookies and baking. With chapters including recipes for cupcakes and cookies charting the four seasons plus a party chapter too. A taster of some of the delicious recipes are: Easter Egg Cupcakes, Lemon Finger Cookies, Bounty Cupcakes, Blueberry Clouds, Orange Polenta Cookies, Snowdrift Shortbread, Jack Daniel’s Cupcakes, White Christmas Cupcakes and Banoffee Cupcakes.
White Chocolate and Raspberry Cupcakes
The picture above is of the one I’ve baked first, and I had a very hard time pinpointing the first one I can tell you; but pinpoint it I did and white chocolate and raspberry cupcakes were soon baking in my kitchen. Vanilla sponge with fresh raspberries, filled with white chocolate ganache and topped with a fresh raspberry buttercream icing. They are lovely, the ganache really works so well and takes a raspberry cupcake to another level.
To enter the competition please leave a comment saying you’d like to enter. It is open until 12.00 p.m. on the 20th of March 2010. The winner’s name will be drawn from a hat and I’ll post the winner on the 21st of March 2010. Good luck!


Jutta said...

I would like to enter please.

Anna's kitchen table said...

Hi Kelly-Jane,
I'd like to enter too - sounds like a great book!!
Happy 3rd anniversary - is it really that long WOW!

Brownieville Girl said...

Wow, Jack Daniel's cupcakes, that's a book for me!!!! I would really like to enter.

Happy 3rd Anniversary Kelly-Jane, I'm really enjoying the blog and finding it a valuable resource.

Anonymous said...

Oh count me in too kellt jane. i`ve told you before that your blog is one of the best and I am always admiring your lovely range of crockery and dishes.

Karens Kitchen

Helen said...

Wow, that sounds lick my kind of cookbook - I'd love to enter.

Happy 3rd Anniversary!


Carla said...

Congrats on three years blogging. I do not have that sort of endurance. This cookbook looks gorgeous, I would love to win! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's an achievement! Congratulations to your third blog anniversary! You do it really well :-) . Your taster of your new baking book makes my mouth water - your cupcakes sound and look fabulous! I’d like to enter, too.

Nanette XXX

Lucie said...

I would love to enter the comp' looks a great book. That's wonderful that you have kept up your blog for 3 years and that you love it just as have a wonderful blog so big congrats. Lucie x

Aveen said...

Happy anniversary! I wish I'd discovered your blog three years ago but I only found it recently so lots of catching up to do. I'm delighted to find another Rachel Allen fan!

I'd love to enter the draw please. I was coveting this book in Waterstones yesterday and bemoaning my current impoverished state - I was actually trying (unsuccessfully) to memorise the orange polenta cupcake recipe so I'd love to win a copy!

Aveen x

Barb said...

I'd like to enter the contest as I love cookbooks. The cupcakes look fantastic, white chocolate is my favorite ingredient. The pink on dark maroon background makes it hard to read your blog to me anyway, just so you know. I love seeing your posts!

EmmCee said...

I would love to enter!


And many many more anniversaries to come for your blog.

Londoner said...

I would like to enter too please!

Anonymous said...

Hiya Kelly-Jane!

Is it really 3 years since you started blogging? It is a lovely blog and I hope it will go from strength to strength over the next few years. Please could you enter me fror the draw for the cookbook; it looks like one that I certainly need to add to my collection.

Good luck in the years to come,
Mrs W xx

Joan said...

I love cookbooks and cupcakes too. Please enter me in your contest and congrats on your blog anniversary.

Rhyleysgranny said...

Happy 3rd Blogiversary Kelly. Like you I love baking and I love to share it with friends. That book sounds perfect. Those cupcakes look and sound wonderful. They make me want to run into the kitchen and start baking.
A lovely gesture from you doing this 'give away' xxx

Snowy said...

Happy 3rd anniversary, Kelly - Jane. Sounds like a great book for baking.
I'd like to enter the draw too please.

Unknown said...

I was looking at this on amazon the other day, looks very sweet! Will you please enter me too
x Happy anniversary x

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary! Please enter me in this giveaway. I love cookbooks and I love cupcakes! Your blog is always interesting. thanks. Teresa
TRigell at aol dot com

vww said...

Can't believe that you are three years old little blog! It is great K-J... Those cupcakes are amazing; where did you find the sparkles?

ps. count me in for the prize draw!

Nickki said...

Hi Kelly-Jane, that looks like a lovely book! I'd love to enter please xx

Barbara Palermo said...

Happy anniversary! Please enter me in this giveaway. I love cookbooks and I love cupcakes! Thanks.
ricettebarbare at gmail dot com

Maggie said...

Happy Blog Anniversary!
What a great idea to have a lovely book as a giveaway.

Maria♥ said...

Kelly what a lovely book to give away. I just received this beautiful book and I want to bake all the recipes!

The winner is going to love it!


Anonymous said...

I would like to enter, please!


Anonymous said...

I would like to enter



Norm said...

Hi Kelly-Jane,

Never one to turn down the chance to enter a competition... That cookbook looks and sounds amazing! Now, I've promised my husband that I won't BUY any more cookbooks for a while - but if I WIN one, that's OK isn't it!

Happy Blog-birthday too!

Kate x

Lucy said...


I wish to enter please.
I've seen this book and it looks fantastic, if only for the autumn inspired bloody-hand biscuits.

Thanks for considering me.

White Toast with Butter said...

Enter me and congratulations on three years!

Anonymous said...

I would like to enter! Happy anniversary and I really enjoy visiting you blog

Cynthia said...

Congratulations on the 3rd Anniversary!

Patti ( said...

Ooh, ooh - pick me!! I mean enter me!! I mean pick me!!
And Congratulations on 3 years!!!

Ana said...

I would really like to enter! Congratulations on the anniversary!

Susan said...

Best Wishes for your third anniversary, Kelly-Jane!

Looks like a charming cookbook. Yes, I'd like a shot at winning it. Thanks.

julie said...

Happy blogiversary, KJ!

Mmmhhh cupcakes, love that pink glittery frosting;)

Louise said...

Hi Kelly-Jane, I'd love to enter your competition.

Louise x

p.s Happy 3rd anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversay - Love to win.

Lillian said...

Happy Anniversary!
& I would love to be entered!
thank you.

Anonymous said...

Like to enter. Thanks

spike said...

Congrats on the anniversary! Please enter me!

Kelly-Jane said...

Thank you all for your good wishes.

Julie, I'm planning a post, but haven't done it ...yet!