Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Macarons by Annie Rigg – Book Review

I seem to have a bit of a macaron obsession going on at the moment, this is my 9th macaron cookbook (!) and a lovely little one it is too. Macarons Chic & Delicious French Treats by Annie Rigg, published by Ryland, Peters and Small in January 2011 (64 pages).
Annie Rigg is a new author to me, and I found this one after being given her Gifts for Cooks in December. I’ve followed it up with her Holiday Cupcakes (fabulous ideas there, will come back to the one later in the year) and have also pre-ordered her ‘Fabulous Brownies’ book due out in April 2011.
This book is done as many macaron books are – with a basic recipe at the beginning that is used throughout the main flavour variation recipes. There is a step by step with this main recipe. It’s for macarons made by using an electric whisk and processor, but doesn’t need the sugar syrup that some other books recipes do. You’ll need a piping bag too.
Pages are very nicely done, and there are pictures of all the main macarons recipes. Annie gives some more ideas of mix and match combinations of shells and fillings from throughout the book which are not pictured. Measurements are metric and U.S. The only thing I think the author should have done that she hasn’t in this book is to say that when you are colouring the macaron mixture that you need to make it darker than you want it to be when baked.
Chapters are: The Basics * Fruit & Flowers * Coffee, Caramel & Chocolate * Nuts & Spice and all Things Nice.

The first one I’ve tried was her mint and dark chocolate macarons, which I changed by adding some peppermint extract to the filling as it wasn’t quite strong enough for us with just a mint infused syrup mixed with chocolate. It was a delicious macaron though, and something a little different to have after dinner either with or instead of chocolates. I didn’t colour the mix a strong enough green, so my macarons were a mild green colour, but I live and learn.
The author provides some gorgeous sounding recipes for example: Blueberry and Vanilla, Cappucino, Coconut and Mango or Violet creams.
Next up on my list are Chocolate and Passion Fruit macarons, Strawberries and Cream macarons and Blackberry and Apple ones which have two different coloured shells, violet and green with a crème patesserie and fruit filling.

A little note for regular readers. I’m still doing my multiple pictured usual format posts, but wanted to find a way to include lots of books that I like - and still be able to fit my clothes! So you’ll now also find review posts like this one, with just one or two pictures, as well as the norm.
Next up: Third helpings from Nigella Kitchen.


thecelticcookinshanghai said...

I am on the same macaron kick as you, and have accumulated several books. The one I chose to use fisrt was by Berengere Abraham. It worked well and like you could have used more colour. It was the simplest of all the recipes but I will try the others out. One involve heating flour and ground almond in the oven first. Good luck with all the trials. I will get around to posting mine one day.

Homemade Heaven said...

Macarons are number 9 on my list of New Year's resolutions. I have obsessed over them for ages - still building courage to make them though.

Brownieville Girl said...

I have yet to tackle macarons - your ones look perfect Kelly-Jane.

Kelly-Jane said...

Jacqui, that book with the cooked sugar and almonds is the next macaron book to try in my pile, wonder if it makes them tastier?

Rose&Thorn and Brownievillegirl - Give them a go!

Coby said...

I think your macaron look lovely K-J:):) I'm another who's never dared to try my hand at these, and I don't have a dedicated cookbook for them. I wonder, if you could only keep *1* macaron cookbook, which would you choose please? LOL this is more for reference than the reality of purchase..a gift list item methinks;)

Kelly-Jane said...


This is the one I'd choose if I could only have one :)

If you stay away from buttercream fillings they are not to bad for the calorie counter amongst us either ;)

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