Friday, 20 November 2015

Rachel Allen’s Double Chocolate Cookies

I had Rachel’s Everyday Kitchen: Simple, delicious family food by Rachel Allen , published by Harper Collins 2013 for a good while.  I’d made and enjoyed a number of recipes, when my friend Kathryn said had I tried these cookies?
I went and had a look at the book, and they read as ordinary cookies… but once you make them they are really fabulous (just as Kathryn said they were). Not long out of the oven they are crunchy, chewy and gooey. Next day they are good too, which I haven’t always found to be the case with cookies!  I usually halve the recipe for 10 generous cookies. Give them a whirl!  
As I make the recipe exactly as it is, with no changes from me, I’m not keen to publish it, as it’s not even an adaptation of Rachel’s recipe, but luckily I’ve found the recipe online, so even if you don’t have the book you can still give them a go.  It’s on RTE LifeStyle, just follow the part for the cookies only in the recipe here.


Unknown said...

Nom, nom, nom x

Kelly-Jane said...

They really are Charlene! x