Monday 5 July 2021

Picnic Sandwiches and Krispie Treats

 In the time when I wasn’t blogging, I discovered Teighan Gerard and her Half Baked Harvest website.  Her recipes are so good. She has a couple of excellent cookbooks, which I’ll get to in another post, but even if you don’t have her books, her website is wonderful. She is the blog I follow every post, and have done for coming up two years now. 

Anyhow, I’ve made a couple of her website recipes recently. The first Picnic Style Brie and Procuitto Sandwiches is a really treaty lunch. I swapped in ham and salami for procuitto, but really just use what you like. Perked up our Monday lunch time. 🙂


The second is one I’ve been meaning to try for ages, Chocolate Covered Brown Butter Krispie Treats (also has peanut butter and pretzels in them!). A fab little no-bake recipe, that is so cute with the pretzels on top. Yum 😋 

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