Monday, 4 June 2007

Pret Lunches

These two sandwiches and bar come from a book called Pret Food on the Move by Jane Lunzer Gifford. I would have to own up that I have never been to a Pret shop or indeed tasted any of their sandwiches or anything else for that matter. What motivated me to buy this book is that I’m just really bad at thinking up sandwich combinations. I always have been, I mean I like the usual tuna mayo, prawn Marie rose, Coronation chicken, ham and cheese, chicken and grapes… but I like something a bit different too, and that’s where I come unstuck.

So it was with much hope that I picked up the Pret book, it’s modern and stylish and it surely delivers with the usual and the not so usual. The chapters are: In the Thermos, The Lunch Box, Snacking on the Way, Too Good to Move, Home Sweet Home and Basics.

Brie and Cranberry Sandwich

This was one that I’ve ordered in cafes and although they are usually good I always want about 4 or 5 times the amount to cranberry sauce in them! Ah see my sweet tooth will get it’s sugar one way or the other. It’s bread, mayo, brie, cranberry sauce, pine nuts and lettuce leaves. The precise quantities are in the book, but I just went by a rough eye. The pine nuts were a nice addition offering a bit of crunch against the softness of the rest of the filling.
Provencal Chicken Sandwich

This was Caesar mayo (Pret recipe, in which I down scaled the anchovies to suit my own preferences), black olives, chicken, roasted tomatoes, red pepper and leaves. The mayo really made it!

As well as the two sandwiches here I’ve also made their egg mayo and bacon baguette, cold potato salad and something from the sweet section – Pret Choc Bar. It’s a melt and stir sort of bar and I always want to try new bars of this sort, because I have a big soft spot for them. This one was top notch delivering a good dark chocolate taste with a base of dark chocolate, biscuits butter, sultanas and golden syrup then a milk chocolate topping.
Pret Choc Bar

There are many more recipes and ideas that I plan to try, and the success of the five things I’ve made so far would spur me on. They have something called a (sweet) Love Bar, a baked bar which sounds really gorgeous, flapjack bottom, toffee-ish layer and sprinkling of healthy crunchy bits.

Expect to see it on these pages very soon, as I’m hoping to give it a go this weekend! I’d try it sooner, but this week is just too manic – no time to bake? Now that’s a sorry state of affairs!


Cookie baker Lynn said...

Your sandwiches look delicious! You are way ahead of me in your creativity - I'm always bored with meat, cheese, mayo, but can't seem to dream up anything beyond that. I love the chocolate, too. Gotta have chocolate!

Lydia said...

I know what you mean about same-old, same-old sandwiches. I'm always looking for new inspiration; will have to track down this book.

vonsachsen said...

I like the photo of the Cranberry Brie sandwich! Of course also the sound of it, I actually have some Brie that needs to be used and frozen cranberries. How do you make the cranberry syrup? Or is that something you buy?

Little Foodie said...

These look really good. Mmm, love a good sandwich. Pret Sandwiches are great so I can imagine the book is cool. The love bars sounds delicious too can't wait for you to do those. Amanda

Patricia Scarpin said...

These are some different sandwiches, Kelly-Jane - they look so tasty!

Lis said...

I love sammiches! Can't wait to see more from you and this book!

The bars look and sound heavenly as well.. you might have to share that recipe with us, you know. ;)


Cheryl said...

I would kill for that provencal sandwich right now. I would ease the pain of my growling stomach.

Kristen said...

I didn't have dinner tonight, but now I'm thinking one of those sandwiches would hit the spot.

kellypea said...

I love sandwiches so much. The Brie-Cranberry sounds fabulous -- and your photo really set my tastebuds off!

Jes said...

Cranberry in sandwiches is so good! How did you make the cranberry part? I've been playing around cranberries for awhile but I haven't gotten the recipe "right" yet.

Shaun said...

Kelly-Jane - I'd like to order the brie and cranberry with pinenuts, please. Seriously, the addition of pinenuts is a nice surprise. These sandwiches look very substantial and tasty. It is so great when the owners/chefs of a beloved restaurant or cafe release their own cookery book. I have bought a couple from my favorite places, too, and it is so nice to reproduce the dish and reignite the memories, especially if one has moved away from those places. A wonderful post, as always.

annauk said...

Wonderful looking sarnies KJ. You are such an inspiration!

Kelly-Jane said...

Lynn, Gotta have chocolate too :)

Lydia, it's a great book sure to inspire.

Eva and Jes, I just used bought sauce here, but come Christmas time and fresh cranberries I'll give it a go with my own sauce. I'll post the recipe I use for cranberry sauce in the comments here in the next day or two.

Amanda, I'. def going into a Pret shop when I see one now! We don't have one in Aberdeen.

Patricia, thank you :)

Lis, I will post the recipe for the barif it's a winner :)

Cheryl & Kristen, I've stopped reading blogs when I'm hungry - it always leads to food :) :)

Kelly, it's a yummy combo.

Shaun, one brie and cranberry with pinenuts coming right up ;)

Anna, thanks Anna I debated if or not I'd post about sandwiches, but I thought it can't just be me that needs a bit of variety :)


vonsachsen said...

Thanks, Kelly-Jane, looking forward to it:)