Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Fried Halloumi Cheese with Lime and Caper Vinaigrette

Fried Halloumi Cheese with Lime and Caper Vinaigrette

Firstly I must apologies for my lack of posts recently, it’s just a combination of the end of term and a real lack of time. It’s the actual holidays now, so I’m going to try and post one a week, twice if the going is really good. I guess most of us are in the same boat time wise at this time of year, seasonal hazard!

Back to this post though, I recently saw a vegetable lasagne that Freya (Writing at the Kitchen Table) had made, and it reminded me that I like to make Delia (Smith’s) roasted vegetable lasagne in the summer time. Actually there are a good number of recipes from Delia Smith's Summer Collection by Delia Smith that I love to make, it was a real pioneering book for summer food. It’s testament to how great a book it is that the recipes haven’t dated, and are just as fresh now as they were in 1993 when it was first published.

The following recipe is one of our favourites and Keith requested it the other day. It’s lovely in the summer time, but I sometimes make it as a Sunday supper if we have eaten a traditional Sunday lunch at lunchtime in the winter. Yesterday we went for a drive during the day, it was a really enjoyable day, sunny, but not blazing with a nice breeze, with a stop along the way for some ice cream and the beach for little one. We went to a hotel for Sunday lunch, and it was lovely, I like Sunday lunch in the summer time – as long as it’s not my oven on making the house a furnace!

So when we came home this is what I made for supper, accompanied by some warm pita bread. I usually make the dressing as per the book, but sadly my limes had gone a bit brown and shrunken, so I used lemon juice instead. If you like the salty sharp taste of halloumi and gutsy salad dressings this one is for you. I have fried the cheese in the past without the flour coating, but it’s better with it – more crusty and delicious!

I won’t type out the recipe, as Deila’s Summer book is a multi million bestseller, so I’m guessing most bloggers and readers will have one! Expect to see more from The Summer Collection soon – it’s the season you know!
Edit: Here is a link for the recipe from Delia's Website.


Sandy said...

Kelly-Jane, it looks so tasty. I love cheese, and fried halloumi is no exception! I don't have any of Delia's books, but I will look into changing that soon!

annauk said...

Looks amazing KJ!
I keep meaning to make Nigella's halloumi with chilli, just to see what that combo's like, but keep forgetting! :-)

Patricia Scarpin said...

We don't have haloumi here in Brazil but luckily we have a very similar type of cheese - I'd love to try this, Kelly-Jane!

Paola said...

What a coincidence, KJ! Aside from going through a current strawberry phase, I'm also going through a halloumi phase! Today for lunch I simply grilled some halloumi and served the slices hot off the pan with a cool tomato and basil salad, just pure, no seasoning. The halloumi did all the work! It was a delectable lunch! Your post is making the last of the halloumi call to me!


Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Mmmm. That looks excellent. We have some halloumi in the fridge! I don't have that book but am drawn to it often when I see it in friend's houses. You're right the recipes don't seem to have dated at all.

Lydia said...

This post reminds me that I don't eat halloumi cheese often enough. It's available at our local middle east market, and I need to remember to bring some home!

Deborah said...

I have never tried halloumi before, but I will be searching for it now!!

lynn said...

That sounds awesome! I love summer's fresh, easy eating. Do you have a recipe for grilled eggplant lasagna?

Brilynn said...

That sounds fantastic. I don't think I've ever actually bought halloumi, but i have plans to change that this week.

Karen said...

This looks incredible. I've got a pack of halloumi in the refrigerator that's just waiting for this kind of treatment. I don't have any of Delia's books _ she's not that widely known in the U.S. _ but I found the recipe on her site. Yum!

Peabody said...

Mmmm, fried cheese of any kind is all was good in my book!

veron said...

Kelly-Jane these look utterly delectable! I've never had halloumi cheese, now when I get them I know I can fry them.

Norm said...

I adore Halloumi, but I haven't tried this recipe. Thanks for the inspiration. I often eat it fried with sweet chili sauce.

Kelly-Jane said...

Sandy, I found the recipe online, so have added a link.

Anna, It looks pretty in the book!

Patricia, It's really nice how the edges go nice and crispy :)

Paola, I know! It must be halloumi season!!

Amanda, Delia's Summer Collection is a lovely book for Summer.

Lydia, We don't eat it for months, then get a taste again and have it often.

Deborah, It a salty, chewy cheese a real love or hate thing!

Lynn, I did once do an eggplant lasagne, but it wasn't one of my better recipes! Delia's one has roasted veg in it, I'll be making it in the next few weeks.

Brilynn, I hope you like it if you manage to get hold of it!

Hi Karen, I didn't know Delia wasn't well know with you, I'll def add links or post recipes in the future for her recipes.

Peabody, I think you are totally right there!

Veron, Thank you :)

Hi Norm, I've not tried sweet chilli sauce with halloumi, I'll have to give that a go :)


Glossy said...

I love halloumi, like Anna, I keep meaning to make Nigella's with chilli - I'm waiting for us to get some warm weather so I can get the BBQ out.

KJ said...

I love halloumi. Who can resist fried cheese!!!! Your recipe looks delicious. You rarely go wrong with Delia.

Nora B. said...

This looks great! I've had fried hallumi with olive tapanede but this one sounds even better - esp since you said that the coating makes the cheese "more crusty and delicious". And I do love lime and capers. Thanks!
p/s: I've used many of Delia's recipes, mostly the baking ones. She's got lots of classic recipes that work every time.

pistachio said...

I have just managed to source halloumi here ... whoo hoo! Gravy Queen recommended that recipe to me a little while back, must check it out.

Thanks for the reminder.

pi xxx

Gemma said...

I am completely obsesed with halloumi, we eat it all the time - mostly in a couscous salad. This looks delicious.

Gemma x

Lisa said...

That looks fantastic, K-J!! I bet it was a tasty combo!

Norm said...

OMG - I made this last night and LOVED it!! Thank you! :-)

Kelly-Jane said...

Hi Norm, I really glad you liked them :) and thanks for posting!