Sunday, 14 December 2008

It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

It’s so busy just now, my schedule is jam packed. It feels like there is no breathing space. Mind you schedule is maybe a bit overstated, I’m running round like a wild thing trying so hard to pack in more than I’ve really got time for! Festive moan over, I hope you all understand =)
Here is a brief post on some of my latest cooking from Nigella Christmas by Nigella Lawson.

Cranberry mincemeat
This is a mincemeat without suet, the first of it’s type I’ve tried, and the smell in the kitchen, no the whole house when cooking it it so christmassy. It tastes lovely too – not to mention the amazing colour. I’ve stashed mine to make mince pies next week.

Ultimate Christmas Pudding
This is the pudding in the making, will post about it after Christmas Day. Nigella describes it a light, and there are no nuts in it, so I think it will be.

Christmas Coleslaw
Nigella suggests this to go with a chilli, and I will try the chilli, but the coleslaw fitted in better with my time at the moment. My goodness was it good! I made a big bowl and hubby and I ate the lot! It was quite compulsive!

Gleaming Maple Cheesecake
A lovely cheesecake, you must douse liberally with maple syrup to eat, mmmm.

Loaded Skins
This one I’ve made loads of times since I got Nigella Christmas. I used to do stuffed baked potatoes all the time, and I stopped and then forgot about them. What a rediscovery! I like them best without the bacon, but if you would like the whole schbang go for the crispy rashers too.

Christmas Nuts
I have long been a fan of the bar nuts in Nigella Bites, these are a very worthy Christmas rendition, really really good! I’ve tried them on (obviously people without any nut allergies!) youngsters, oldsters and lots in between – everyone likes them!

My pretty Reindeer bowl
If you like Gisela Graham crockery, the platter used by Nigella on the front of Nigella Christmas and also the cake stand that she uses for her fir tree cake can be found at Sally’s Saucepans, I bought mine a little while ago, and there are more like me as at the time of writing they are out of stock, but if you want then do keep checking for more stock. Really reasonably priced too. I bought a number of Gisela Graham Christmas decorations this year to give as presents from Sally's Saucepans, and they are really fabulous!


Nickki said...

Wow. What an amazing array of gorgeous food! I agree that the cranberry mincemeat is fabulous. And I love that stunning bowl! :)

Coby said...

So much for me to try, so many recipes I have now been inspired to attempt:) Never made a mincemeat before, but sounds like the cranberry version will be my first:) Your kitchen K-J, it must be heady with the scents of Christmas!

KJ said...

Those baked potatoes look divine. I could tuck into one of those right now, no trouble at all!!

Peabody said...

Sign me up for the loaded skins and maple cheesecake!

Margaret said...

Loving the cheesecake Kelly!!
Obviously not forgetting all the other yummy stuff.

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

It all looks delicious as ever. I love the Gisela Graham things - beautiful.

Laura @ Hungry and Frozen said...

I don't even know where to start - everything looks so delicious! I've made the rhubarb vanilla mincemeat from Feast which was heavenly, maybe I'll try the cranberry one this year.

Deborah said...

Delicious! I want a slice of that cheesecake for breakfast this morning! :)

Maria said...

Kelly everything looks so wonderful. I have also made the Cranberry Mincemeat and it's gorgeous. I have my in laws over for dinner and one of the desserts I'm thinking of making is the Maple Cheesecake but I'm definitely sold after viewing yours!


Anne said...

Mmm I can almost taste the cheese on those loaded skins, delicious!

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

I checked out the website. I could have spent a fortune. Thank goodness they're out of stock for some things. I think they should be sending you a little gift as a thank you though. x

Knittings Nice! said...

Just came across yourblog whilst browsing as just treated myself to Nigellas Christmas book...brilliant.
Loving the food.

Cynthia said...

I want to come to your place for the holidays!

Kelly-Jane said...

Thank you all for your comments :)