Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Snow Flecked Brownies Sweet & Simple Bakes December 2009

A very short post from me this month, have had a flu-y thing for a few weeks now.
This month saw a chocolate brownie with chopped white chocolate chips. They were dark and gooey, and pretty with the icing sugar dusting.

I’d not tried this particular variation on a brownie before and would have to say it wasn’t one of my favourites. That didn’t stop them being eaten but others fast enough though!

Thank you to Maria and Rosie for hosting and do click on here tomorrow for the snow flecked brownies round up form all the other Sweet & Simple bakers =)

Snow Flecked Brownies
375g best quality dark chocolate
375g unsalted butter at room temperature
1 tablespoon real vanilla extract
6 eggs (large)
350g caster sugar (superfine)
1 teaspoon salt
225g plain flour
250g white chocolate, chopped into chunks
2 tsp icing sugar, for dusting
Tin measuring approx 33cm x 23cm x 5.5cm
(1)Preheat the oven to 180C/Gas 4/350F.Line the sides and base of a 33 x 23 x 5.5com baking tin with foil or baking parchment.
(2)Melt the butter and dark chocolate together in a large heavy based pan.In a bowl or wide mouthed large measuring jug, beat the eggs together with the caster sugar and vanilla extract.Allow the chocolate mixture to cool a little, then add the egg and sugar mixture and beat well. Fold in the flour and salt. Then stir in the chopped white chocolate. Beat to combine then scrape and pour the brownie mixture into the prepared tin.Bake for 25 minutes.
(3)You can see when the brownies are ready because the top dries to a slightly paler brown speckle, while the middle remains dark, dense and gooey. Even with such a big batch you do need to keep checking on it: the difference between gooey brownies and dry ones is only a few minutes. Remember, too, that they will continue to cook as they cool. Cut into squares and dust with icing sugar.


natalia said...

Ciao I hope you feel better ! Your brownies look great !!

Anna said...

KJ, I've made these a few times now, but always half the recipe, it makes such a huge amount- like most Nigella recipes! :-)

Lucie said...

Yours look delicious. Sorry to hear that you have has Flu - Get well soon. Lucie x

The Girl said...

Hope you feel better soon. The brownies look great!

Coby said...

K-J, Baking when you feel cruddy is just not fair, I am impressed you managed to do that *and* still blog about it at all. The brownies look delicious, I am not surprised they went down a treat, but I hope you feel better soon.

Katiecakes said...

Get well soon! Your brownies look great!

Katie xox

HFJ said...

Hope you're feeling better. Your brownies look lovely.

Anonymous said...

get well soon and brownies look perfect.

AppleC said...

If this recipe wasn't one of your favorites, I HAVE to know a better one. I love brownies so, seriously, let me know your best recipe.
Pic. look great and so good.

Vanillastrawberryspringfields said...

Hola ,hoping u feel better. ur brownies look great & i know just how elicious they are!

Tessa said...

Thanks for making the brownies along with us and best wishes for better health!

lakegirl said...

Hope you are feeling better! I so loved this recipe!

Chele said...

I hope these brownies helped chase your flu away.

Choclette said...

They look damn good to me. Do hope they help eliminate all traces of flu.

Margaret said...

Wonderful recipe and they look fabulous.

Cynthia said...

Happy Holidays!

Lucie said...

Hi Kelly-Jane
I've just been given an award for my blog and am now passing it on to you as one of my favourite blogs. To collect the award go to my blog

It does take a while to do this, so please don't feel obligated :)
Love Lucie x

Talita said...

Wow!! RIch recipe! I love brownie!

Margaret said...

You have made some lovely things here on this posting, all look great.