Sunday, 20 February 2011

Coffee and Heath (Dime) Bar Cake - The Cake Slice Bakers February 2011

I am very excited to have been able to join The Cake Slice Bakers group! Thank you for having me. It’s a fabulous idea, the group chooses a cookbook and bakes something from it every month for a year. Given my tendency to ‘cook’ books, it just sounds just perfect for me.
Ready to go.
The book that the group is baking from now until September this year, is Cake Keeper Cakes by Lauren Chattman. A book brimming with lovely American cakes.
Ready to bake in the oven.
The chosen cake this month comes from the Crumb Cakes chapter and is a Coffee Heath Bar Crunch Cake. Now, some US coffee cakes don’t have any coffee in them, but are meant to be served with a cup of coffee. This one actually does have a coffee sponge cake with a streusel topping on top. Grinding the coffee and Daim (Dime) Bars for chopping
I made a couple of substitutions, I can’t take shakey caffinated coffee at all, so de-cafe coffee granules, which I ground in a pestle and mortar to powder – instead of espresso powder, and also 5 Dime (Daim) bars for 4 American Heath bars. They will always be Dime bars to me! Lovely cake, very moist and the crunchy topping of toffee and chocolate was fabulous. A couple of days later the little bit that was left became even more moist and the topping less crunchy, but when leftover slices were heated up in the microwave brifely the topping became nice and gooey. My cake was eaten for a pudding and some eaters wanted cream with it and some didn’t. I preferred it without, to let every bit of the coffee-toffee-chocolate flavours come through.
The crispy bits fround the edge were so delicious.
Do check out the Cake Slice Bakers Blogroll for more gorgeous takes on this lovely cake. Can’t wait for next months one!
Care for a slice?
Next post: Book review and first cooks from The Hairy Bikers Mum’s Still Know Best.


Brownieville Girl said...

Good idea to use the decaff - would make it more appropriate for kids too.

Totally agree about the bits at the edge - I might just have picked these off for myself (blush)!!

At Anna's kitchen table said...

Well done KJ for participating.
Looks gawjus!!

Nicole said...

i used decaf too! looks delicious :)

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy! Seems like this cake was a success for most of us so far. My co-workers loved it :)

Helen said...

This looks lovely. I LOVE Dime bars so this would be right up my street.

Jacqui said...

Looks really yummy, I loved dime bars. I lived in USA for a time and was always surprised when I ordered coffee cake and it arrived without a trace of coffee I soon realised it meant cake served with coffee lol.

Nickki said...

I'm eating a dime bar right now! This cake looks so good, I'm going to have to try it!

Elle said...

Looks just beautiful KJ! My hubby had some warmed from the leftovers and he liked it very much that way, too.

Emily said...

Yours look wonderfully rich!

Katie said...

Your cake looks delicious and I loved the little crispy crunchy bits too. I also used decaff - coffee keeps me awake for hours!

Cursuri Franceza said...

Yes, please. May I have a slice of that amazing looking cake? It looks perfect. And I’m such a greedy person, and chocolate really is my number one thing to greed for. I love the fact that you used de-café and Daim bars which are my absolute favorite. Great pictures.

All That's Left Are The Crumbs said...

Your cake looks delicious. For some reason caffeine does not affect me at all, which is good in some ways but I certainly can't use it to wake me up either. I really like your idea of grinding the decaf into a powder. I'll have to remember this is I need to make a decaf version of this cake.

Maria♥ said...

Wowza, this cake sounds and looks AMAZING!


manu said...

Hi I'm Manu from VP forum, I love your blog! LOL

Milly said...

lovely blog - I'm following!

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