Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Tiramisu Cake - Cake Slice Bakers January 2012

Well, I didn’t mean to skip two Cake slice bakers cakes, but that was the way life went in November and December last year. I’m back this month, even though I just missed the main post date of the 20th of the month. Short and sweet this month, but better late than never!

This month’s cake is from The Cake Book by Tish Boyle published by John Wiley and Sons 2006. A Tiramisu Cake, a nice ‘pick me up’ (what tiramisu means) cake for the New Year. I’ve changed it and simplified the recipe a little.

Sweet coffee syrup soaked sponge, layered with a mascarpone and rum cream.The cream was very light in texture despite containing 500g mascarpone! The rum was a background note and the cream was set with a little gelatine, which probably helped the nice lightness, and meant there was no danger of the layers sliding apart. I tried to make it look like a cappuccino lol!

I liked this one, and am pleased I tried it even if I am late, it’s pretty for a dinner party and can all be done before hand. Do have a look at the Cake Slice Bakers blogroll to see how other members have made it

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missflash said...

Looks lovely, this cake reminds me of Nigella's tiramisu layer cake (Christmas). I always tell myself that mascarpone cheese is a healthy cheese.
How long can the cake last?

At Anna's kitchen table said...

That looks so neat and tidy Kelly! It looks lovely.

Emily said...

At Anna's Kitchen Table said it BEST!

So neat and tidy! and so presentable too! Good job Kelly!

Kelly-Jane said...

Miss Flash, yes it is a bit like Nigella's. The book says it will keep for up to a day assembled.

Anna and Emily, thanks!

Please Do Not Feed The Animals. said...

My immediate reaction was, "wow - how neat is that?" and I looked at the comments and see that it has been commented on already.
I didn't make this one - have been very lax.
I could never have made it as beautifully as you did so I'm glad just to have left it to you.
It does look like a cappuccino!

Gemma said...

that looks lovely Kelly!

Brownieville Girl said...

Kelly-Jane you have surpassed yourself with this one - looks delicious, love your presentation.