Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Breakfast For Dinner - Review

Breakfast for Dinner is a phrase I came across a little while ago on an American TV show. I’m not a morning cook by any stretch of the imagination, but I do like breakfast food, so breakfast for dinner seems like the ideal solution.

Breakfast for Dinner by Lindsay Landis and Taylor Hackbarth, published by Quirk in 2013. Thank you to the publishers for my review copy.  It’ll take you beyond bacon and eggs, to different places with the likes of Greek Baked Eggs or Shakshuka. It might give you a breakfast food in a different guise like cornflake crusted chicken tenders or granola cookies. If you were feeling very adventurous there is maple bacon chocolate cupcakes!

The book is well presented, nicely written, with hints and tips, illustrated throughout with real do-able photography of the dishes. Recipe chapters are: Main Dishes, Sides and Starters, Drinks and Deserts.
The dish I’ve made from this book is Bacon Fried Rice, a breakfast take on the perennial Chinese favourite. It’s made with brown rice, and I liked what the brown rice did for it. It went down well in my house.

Other dishes I have marked to try include: Savoury Lentil & Carrot Stuffed Crepes, fluffy, flaky and oh so cute Mini BLT Biscuits, Banana Bread Bundt Cake, Chocolate Brownie Waffles with Blackberry Sauce and Mint Chocolate Chip Pancakes.

It’s full of dishes you could eat for breakfast if you wanted to, but definitely for dinner. So if you need a bit of inspiration for your BFD suppers this one is for you!

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Miss C Flash said...

I've seen quite a few review copies of this book and I am definitely intrigued by it as the recipes look good. I like your picture of bacon fried rice :-) x

thecelticcookinshanghai said...

Love breakfast but never take the time so this sounds like a great way to enjoy it.

Maggie said...

Nice to see you back:)

I'm always happy to eat breakfast for dinner and often do so on a Friday evening! Breakfast for me is just cereal......Sounds like my sort of book.

West Northman said...

Your cooking recipes is great it could be serve for breakfast at the same time for dinner.

Jones said...

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