Wednesday, 9 May 2007

If You Wanted to Know More...

Thank you very much to Amanda from Litte Foodies for tagging me! Here are 5 random pieces of information about me.

1. I’m a college and uni graduate, and currently an at home Mum (by choice).
2. I get the American magazines Martha Stewart Living and O The Oprah Magazine on order and have recently added the Donna Hay magazine as well. Also get UK Delicious.
2. I used to play the piano and French horn, and would like to learn to play the harp when I’ve got a bit more time.
3. I live with my husband and our dear little miss.
4. I get a lot of migrane headaches – so if I ever leave a comment that sounds a bit odd, spelling or word wise (like tihs) I’ll be post migrane, I’m not illiterate honest!
5. This is probably quite scary, I didn’t realise there were so many! I currently have 39 books in my new cookbook reading pile, here they are newest to oldest:
Gordon Ramsay’s Fast Food
Pierre Herme Chocolate Desserts
Pierre Herme Desserts
The Golden Pear Café Cookbook
Baking with Julia
Salad Days
Best Recipes from the Backs of Boxes, Cans and Jars
Food Network Best of the Best
Cooking with the Firehouse Chef
Paris Desserts
Baking with Julia
Pret Food on the Move
Great British Menu Cookbook (second book)
Classic Stars Desserts
Tea and Sympathy
The Hollywood Cookbook
Breakfast, Lunch, Tea
Room for Dessert
Ripe for Dessert
Everyday Food
The Best Life Diet
Dear Olivia
The Low Carb Gourmet
Simple Italian Sandwiches
The Lee Bros. Southern Cookbook
Pedaling Through Provence
Pedaling Through Burgandy
Revolutionary Chinese Cookbook
Cold Weather Cooking
The Thousand Recipe Chinese Cookbook
The American Diner Cookbook
I Like You
Caprial and John’s Kitchen
Tom Aitkin’s Cooking
Mes Confitures

In the good tradition of tagging here are the five people I would like to pass the tag onto. They are the blogs that I have been reading for a good while, that made me think I would like to join in too. My blog roll has expanded considerably since then, but these were my first regular reads.

Sarah at Sarah Cooks, this is her current great blog but she did an awesome job of cooking the entire tome of Nigella’s How To Eat before it.

Lisa at The Chambermaid, the daily life of a foodie and Mum in the US.

Anna at Anna’s Life, another life of a foodie and Mum here in the UK.

Kathryn at From Page to Plate, who has two great blogs - Kathryn Cooks With Jamie being the first one.

Freya and Paul at Writing at The Kitchen Table, who are a daily habit and inspiration, with an amazing blog.

Here are the guidlelines:
--List five random facts/habits about yourself
--Choose another five bloggers to tag and list their names in your blog
--Leave your five tagged bloggers comments to notify them of their tagging along with directions.
I’m looking forward to seeing all of your lists! Thanks again Amanda.

PS I changed it back to five, as that’s what I always seen before (I really hope this is ok!)


annauk said...

KJ, that list of new cookbooks is not scary, it's FANTASTIC!
....oh, ok, it might be a little bit scary too.....


Thanks for tagging me, have done my bit on my blog!

Kelly-Jane said...

LOL Anna :)

Thanks for accepting being tagged!


Little Foodie said...

Hi Kelly-Jane,
Good to read more about you and that list is great. Thanks for accepting the tagging (sounds almost like you've been given an ASBO put like that)...

Kristen said...

You are going to be busy reading and cooking with your new books it looks like!

vonsachsen said...

KJ, sorry to hear about your migraine and sorry for nagging about homeopathy but it really works...
I really got impressed by your booklist and yes it is a bit scary but in a nice way :) Makes me feel lot better, I´ve only bought 6 cookbooks this last month LOL

vs xx

julie said...

How interesting!

I am utterly amazed by your to-read cookbooks, wishe they were on MY shelf ;-)


Shaun said...

Kelly-Jane - I love reading other foodies' cookery book lists. I think purchasing books, whether for cooking, contemporary fiction, or politics, is the one things that makes me an uber capitalist. I have bought so many cookery books in the last year, it is scary - but I have bought most in new or like new condition through the internet at really great prices. Mes Confitures and Pedaling Through Burgandy are on my list of cookery books to get...Let me know what you think of them.