Friday, 4 May 2007

Real Butterscotch Pudding

Real Butterscotch Pudding

American Pudding, I have been longing to try one for a long time. It just sounds like a comforting and heal you when you’re ill, make you happy when your well kind of thing. Here in the UK I think Angel Delight or blamange pudding would be the nearest things we have to it. I’ve always wanted to give the real deal a go though. I have many versions marked in books, one in particular by Gale Gand (in Butter Sugar Flour Eggs) was especially alluring, but it was Dorie (Greenspan) who held my hand and got me to give pudding a go in the end. In her Baking From My Home To Yours, she has chocolate pudding, split level pudding (chocolate ganache on the bottom and vanilla pudding on top) and butterscotch pudding. I would like to give them all a go, but I’ve never been under any illusion that it was going to be anything but the Butterscotch one first. Caramel, toffee, butterscotch just the words are enough to spark my interest.

This pudding surprised me a little in that it actually has Whisky / Scotch in it! I sort of thought of it as a child’s pudding first and foremost. I guess the pudding has had lasting appeal for the then children and now adults, and Dorie has upped the ante and made it something great for grown ups too. I topped them with a little whipped cream and some buttered pecans, as suggested in the side bar on the recipe. I've always liked the sound of buttered pecans too, and I could hardly believe how simple they were, toast nuts in a pan, add a little butter and fry / toast some more - done.

My little one has had a bug for the past couple of days, so we are at home today. I thought ‘I cans make her pudding, and it will make her feel better!’ So we made Real Butterscotch Pudding. It makes 6 portions so when I was finishing making it I just added the vanilla and butter then poured little one’s 2 portions into dishes then blended in 2/3 of the amount of whisky to the mixture left to make the other 4. I would never manage to drink whisky, but in desserts and cakes (and savoury sauces) it’s transformed (or perhaps toned down a little) and the resulting puddings were beautiful. Hubby nearly had a fit when he came home and saw his 18 year old Glenlivit Whisky sitting on the kitchen counter, but was remarkably calmer when I assured him it was only 4 teaspoons I had used!

Toffee, vanilla, creaminess from the milk and butter, smoothness from the egg yolks and cornflour and of course the booze too. I made them to do two nights, and although little one has one left, sadly us adults have none – they were really good!


Meeta said...

WOW! This sounds awesome! I just made some pudding myself! I now wish i had come over to your blog just half an hour earlier LOL!

Gemma said...

This sounds amazing, you have to stop making things from this book or I'll have to buy it - it's starting to sound irresistible!

Little Foodie said...

They sound delicious. I keep reading about Dorie. I'd never heard of her before. Might see if I can get one of her books. Hope your little one is all better.

pistachio said...

Ummmm, your pudding looks sooo inviting.

I am also getting inquisitive about Dorie Greenspan, her name keeps on popping up and her recipes certainly seem to be a winner with you.

I hope your little one gets better soon, it's so worrying when they are ill.

pi xxx

Kathryn said...

Wow! You're really working quickly through Dorie's book and you're making it look so inviting.


I'm so glad you began to blog.

Kathryn x

Cheryl said...

Oh this looks so good and creamy and I bet you the aroma was even better.

Claudia Dunitz said...

Butterscotch pudding is my favorite! I've made it from a dozen different recipes and now it looks like I'll have to try Dorie Greennspan's too. Thank for the tip and welcome to the daring bakers!

Brilynn said...

I love Dorie's pudding, I've made it too. I used rum with mine once, it was very good.

Baking Soda said...

Oh my! I'm afraid my almost non-existant sweet tooth is getting awake! Sounds lovely!
I managed to scrape a lot of Dories recipes from Internet but so far I haven't got around to make something from it....I feel an urge coming on..

Kelly-Jane said...

Hi Meeta,Cheryl, Claudia, and Baking Soda! Lovely to meet fellow DBs :)

Gemma, you'll have to buy it!

Amanda & Pi, Little one is nearly better, fingers crossed. It is such a worry. Thanks for you good wishes.

Kathryn Thanks :)

Brilynn, rum sounds yummy too.

Little Foodie said...

Hi Kelly-Jane, I've been tagged for 7 things about me. Can I tag you for 7 things about you please? Thanks

Lisa said...

Oh, wow, that looks soooooo good!!