Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Mint Chocolate Mousse

Here is another mousse from Nigella Lawson’s Forever Summer, it’s not full of mousses, I just seem to be in mousse mode at the moment! Nigella says the mint makes it a Summery dessert and you know she is right.

I spent ages looking for mint chocolate when Nigella Lawson’s Forever Summer came out, but to now avail, although I would add that I was not au fait with the internet then. I know some criticize Nigella for including ingredients that are hard to find, but I know I’m not alone in enjoying the challenge of foodie hunting - finding different ingredients. Last week I spotted it though, and had to buy it of course.

Fortunately because I’ve been re-reading the book again recently I actually managed to remember what I wanted it for! For this is the downside of hunting for ingredients, by the time you find them you can’t remember what it was you wanted them for in the first place. I used to be able to remember, but once you get beyond a certain number of cookbooks it becomes harder, well that and life’s general requirements.

I bought Lindt mint chocolate, and it was smooth and minty without being too dark. I’m not advertising here, just saying what I bought!

I got 12 small cups of mousse, and they were rich, so this was fine by me. There were a couple leftover, and they came to no harm in the fridge overnight. They set to a good texture as well, not to as far gone as to be cakey , but firm enough to hold, and no cream so the chocolate taste was undiluted minty and pure. Mint leaf decoration optional!


Patricia Scarpin said...

Kelly-Jane, you have been putting Nigella's recipes to really good use!
The mousse looks so silky and delicious!

veron said...

I agree with Patricia, that mousse sure looks delicious. I do not have a Nigella book yet. I'm with you about the foodie hunting , I relish it!

Deborah said...

That looks like a perfect mousse!! I, like Veron, don't have a Nigella book yet, but this one is on my list!!

Brilynn said...

Mint and chocolate, a classic combo! Looks delicious!

Happy cook said...

I watch Nigellia in BBC 2 and i like her programme.
Love your mousse.
And i too like tge chalange for hunting for new ingridients.
Half of the fun is finding tge things for the recipe isn't it?

Lydia said...

I have yet to try a Nigella recipe, but I love the combination of chocolate and mint (and didn't know Lindt already put them together in a bar). Love the search for new ingredients for my pantry!

Nora B. said...

I know what you mean about ingredient hunting. What I notice that I've been doing is when I come across an ingredient that is hard to find, I buy it "just in case" I need it.

This mousse looks so fluffy, and no cream you said? I will feel less guilty eating this. :-)

Peabody said...

Mousse is always good for summer. I love the use of the mint.

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Love your little cups K-J. Sounds really chocolatey without the cream and the combo with the mint - delicious!

Pat said...

oooooohhhhh Kelly-Jane that mousse looks soooooo scrummy!!! And my fav!! Chocolate and Mint!!

Susan said...

Mmmmmm - more mousse. Kelly-Jane, you are spoiling us rotten. There are times when you can truly eat vicariously through photos; this is one of them. Nice, funky latte cup and dessert plate complement the theme, too.

Cynthia said...

The first pic was perfect, the lighting the cup, the saucer but then you had to do it, you had to go for the food-porn shot by lifting a spoonful of the mousse and shoving it in front of us. You wicked, wicked woman. I LOVE IT! :D

Pam said...

I have this book, but I don't remember this recipe! It looks so good. And I love, love your cups!

Ilana said...

Hey what a coincidence. Guess what I had one block of tonight!! :) I also found it recently, in Linens 'n' Things of all places. LOL. I love it too! (and one block is one WW point!)

I have tried G&B's mint chocolate, but there it is chocolate with a mint center. Not the same, imho. Lindt is better.

Mousse looks amazing! WOW, KJ!

lynn said...

Yummmm! I adore mint and chocolate together. I know exactly what you mean about the foodie hunt. By the time I find the ingredient I can't find the recipe.

Rose said...

kelly-Jane, Nigella must be very proud of you right now. Your mousse is absolutely to die for.

Terry B said...

Lindt also makes an intense orange chocolate. Orange and dark chocolate are one of those perfect combinations, like mint and chocolate.

Kelly-Jane said...

Patricia, thank you :)

Veron, It's such funisn't it!

Deborah, thank you!

Brilynn, it was so good!

Hi Happy Cook! I like to watch Nigella's shows too :)

Lydia, you are the ultimate ingredient hunter! :)

Nora, I do that too, my cupborads are full to bursting!

Peabody, mint is a fab herb :)

Amanda, thank you :)

Pat, I love choc and mint too :)

Susan, thank you, I have the big version of these cups too, and they are really funky to use.

Cynthia, that's me hee hee!

Hi Pam! thank you, there is no picture with the recipe in the book, and it's easier to pass on by with no picture!

Ilana, how wierd that we both found it together! I make this kind of pudding if I'm watching claorie intake, if it's in a small portion it's not so bad - and you feel like you've had something good!

Lynn, LOL!

Rose, thank you, that's a really kind comment - hope it's true :)

Hi Terry B! Dark chocolate and orange is my absolute favourite chocolate combination :)


Kristen said...

That is making my mouth water! I bet the flavor combination was fantastic!

s.j.simon said...

lol. did you know that chocolate was banned in switzerland for many years. read this

stephen.gunnion said...

Kelly-Jane, please help!

I'm on holiday and I bought all the ingredients for Nigella's chocolate mint mousse assuming I'd find the recipe online (I do have Forever Summer at home and love her chocolate raspberry pavlova too).

Any chance you could email me the recipe, or a photo of the recipe, please?

I"d be very grateful. stephen.gunnion@gmail.com