Monday, 1 April 2013

Greedy Girl's Diet

I didn’t even know this one was coming out, but a friend gave me a pointer in the right direction – “Have you got it? It’s really good!” and so it arrived very soon afterwards, because let’s face it I’m a sucker for a cookbook, and if you are reading this blog chances are you are too! Anyhow it's The Greedy Girl’s Diet  Eat Yourself Slim with Gorgeous, Guilt Free Food by Nadia Sawalha published by Kyle Books 2012.

This is a cookbook aimed at girls aiming to lose a bit of weight, and as diet titles go it’s quite inspiring, doesn’t sound like we might have to live on five lettuce leaves and a couple of peas plus a lot of hunger in order to get a bit slimmer! I’m not encouraging myself to be greedy, but I do prefer to think I can feel like I’ve had enough to eat while slimming.

The recipes are all do-able and there is even a chapter with puddings! The pictures are fresh and bright and the text by Nadia is often amusing. Chapters are: *My Secret* Exercise* Come on, Break the Fast* Let’s do Lunch * Delicious Dinner * and Decadent Desserts. There are also different sections within some of the chapters. For example the Delicious Dinner chapter has three sub headings: Yummy Mummy, Dinner Party Goddess and Dinner for Two. All the recipes are calorie counted for you per serving and there are also grams of fat, saturates, sugar and salt per serving too.

Now the question to be asked is are the recipes any good? Answer is yes, the ones I have tried have all been good, and I’d make them all again. Especially the risotto, yum yum!! There are a number of puddings too, but I haven’t managed to get round to them yet.

Prawn and Chorizo Rice Pot
This was my first make from the book. A Good supper with some greenery of some sort.

Creamy Chicken Curry in a Hurry
This was really good too. There was a lot of sauce, and hubby said “If this was soup I’d be delighted.” “It’s soup!” I said, genius, no? =)

June Wake’s Wide Awake Seed Bar
This is a really clever recipe that holds together with mashed bananas, and you taste the bananas, but also all the other delightful add ins. Mmmm.

Chilli Con Carne
A good chilli, the avocado topping was a great addition.

Winey Chicken
This one was lovely, the sauce was light but flavourful.

Italian Soup
This was a good filling soup. It takes a little while to cook to develop the flavours.

Risotto with Seared Scallops
A fabulous treaty supper this one, scallops, bacon and risotto too! I forgot to stir through some spinach at the end, and added a drizzle of balsamic glaze, though that’s because I love it on risotto.

Next Up: A book I've been obsessing about for a couple of months - Annabel Langbein The Free Range Cook


At Anna's kitchen table said...

Wow ku, you've done really well to try all those recipes!
Quick thinking with the curry/soup! Well done :)

thecelticcookinshanghai said...

wow all these recipes look really tasty, as you say no lettuce cups in sight. A useful book post Easter lol.

Brownieville Girl said...

Just what the doctor ordered after the Easter blow out!!!

Everything looks delicious Kelly-Jane, I'm going to have to break my resolution and get this book!

Louise said...

they are all mouthwatering

Paloma said...

Hi Kelly-Jane! How are you doing? I see your Easter was chocolatey! all the stuff in your blog looks great but that chicken curry is saying my name! LOL! ;) ... So... we baked our April cake... we miss you girl! Your cakes are always awesome! :D

Victor said...

This is cool!