Sunday, 25 February 2007

Dime Bar Ice Cream

The dime bar ice cream is one that we absolutely love in our house. I have made it often since Nigella Lawson’s Forever Summer was published.

It is just so creamy, chocolate-y and the caramel shards offer a little bit of crunch. I quite like Dime Bars as they are, but in this ice cream Nigella makes them something much more. Real comfort in a bowl.


Mara said...

Mmm, looks really good, and the crunchy caramel sounds very intriguing. I assume you make it in an ice-cream maker, the balls seem to be the perfect texture.

annauk said...

It looks fabulous KJ!
I have never tried the recipe though, I have got as far as buying the 'Daim' bars from Ikea though, so maybe one day....


megan5286 said...

Oh, your picutures are so beautiful - very inspiring!

Kathryn said...

I've never tried this ice cream - it looks yummy!

My friend made me chocolate honeycomb ice cream the other day. Crunchie ice cream. It was fantastic!!!

Kathryn x

Kelly-Jane said...

Mara I did use an ice cream maker, I used to have one where you freeze the base canister, but have a big one now that makes life easier!

Anna, Megan and Kathryn - It's a really lovely ice cream, and a crunchie ice cream sounds so good too :)