Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Not quite Traditional Beef and Guinness Stew

Now I should say up front that this one does not come from a cookbook. Well not yet. It is from The People’s Cookbook television (UKTV Food) programme, and although there will be a book it won’t be until after September when the second series airs. I printed the recipe from their website..

The programme is in a format that I really like. Six people per programme each with their favourite recipe. They are put into pairs and there is a cook off, with Anthony WT or Paul Rankin doing the cooking under the persons guidance. So 3 recipes per programme go into the cookbook. This one will be going into the cookbook, but most of the recipes I have liked have not won!

It is a gorgeous beef stew. The not quite traditional aspect is that there is ginger and soy sauce in it. These additions along with the Guinness make for a wonderfully deep, rich, extremely beefy and savoury gravy. It is much like any other beef stew in that there are onions, carrots and beef stock in it, as well as the extra additions. At the end of a couple of hours in the oven, a finishing touch of pan fried mushrooms seasoned with a little more soy sauce are stirred in. The creator whose parents are Chinese and Irish served it with rice and a sprinkling of parsley, so I did too and it was really beautiful.


Kathryn said...

Hi KJ,

I've noticed the same thing: my preferred recipes seem not to win! But I did see this one and it looked yummy then, and yours looks delicious now. Mmm.

Another cookbook for us to buy..

Kathryn x

annauk said...

Funny, but the recipes I like are usually the ones that end up winning, LOL, except for the lovely old lady Flossie with her marmite chicken...I reckon they'll put her in the book anyway!

Your stew looks amazing KJ, I love dishes served with rice!

Kelly-Jane said...


Ah well I glad it isn't just me then! There was a great looking raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake that lost, I am def going to cook it at some point. Looking forward to a new book!.


It is nice when one you like does win :) Flossie was such a lovely old lady. I hope they do put a bit about her in the book.

I actually hope they put all the recipes in there winners and losers, but I suppose that might defeat the purpose of the programme! Although it worked for the old style (Lloyd Grossman's day)Masterchef, the losers often had recipes worth passing on too.


Ilana said...

KJ, I don't have a chance to watch this program but was intrigued by this recipe. As you know, I recently cooked a beef and guinness stew, which I can't even stomach thinking about now as I was ill when making it... but when I could face it again, LOL, I want to make this recipe as I like the addition of mushrooms to bulk it up.

The recipe says 'one can' of guinness. How many ml's is that, please?


Kelly-Jane said...

Hi Ilana

I had a look and it's a 440ml tin.