Saturday, 7 April 2007

French Chocolate Brownies

French Chocolate Brownies

Today we were out and about, even managed a trip in past a book shop. I came away with one book – the Pret ‘ Food On The Move’ cookbook by Jane Lunzer Gifford. I’m really pleased with it. I like to cook dinner and I love to bake and make sweet things, but my problem meal is often lunch, I just lack gusto when it comes to sandwiches and lunch-y salads. So this sounds like a good book for me, and upon having a look through there are lots of good things in there. My other new book this week was Giada De Laurentiis’s Everyday Pasta, which I have had on per-order for months. I am a big fan of Giada and her new book didn’t disappoint me, lots of pasta, but also sides for pasta too – I have cooked three recipes from it in four days! More on this later though, I am wandering off here…

I had planned to make caramel peanut topped brownie cake today the picture in the book is fabulous, and I had wanted to do the brownie base in the morning and the topping early afternoon. However, the trip into town meant that I just wouldn’t have time to cook and cool the cake, so I chose another recipe this aftenroon from the same book when we got home - the French Chocolate Brownies from Dorie Greenspan’s Baking From My Home to Yours.

They are a chocolate cake that Dorie created in her kitchen in France, but are now known as her French Chocolate Brownies after her guests reactions. I managed to make them and served them warm and squidgy (after cooling a little bit) from the oven with whipped cream. They were gorgeous! There was no vanilla added to the mixture, but instead a little cinnamon and rum scented raisins. Cinnamon rum and raisin brownies, need I say more?! I sometimes think that plain brownies are not quite what I’m looking for in a plated dessert (more with tea or coffee), but these were very special. Mmmm!


annauk said...

KJ, the brownies look very delicious!
I got my Giada book too this week, and would love to know what you've made already!
I must admit I haven't been as tempted by this third book as her others, and I do so want to like it!

Dorie said...

How funny, I'm serving French Chocolate Brownies for lunch today, but I'm topping mine with some homemade vanilla ice cream that has chunks of bittersweet chocolate in it.

So happy you liked the brownies -- they look great in the picture.

Ilana said...

Mmmmm, that looks to be just the perfect brownie!! You're amazing finding time to use up all your cookbooks. Well done, sweetie!


Kelly-Jane said...

Thanks Anna, Dorie and Ilana!

Ilana I just noticed your question about the size of the Guiness tin, I'll check this week and reply on the Guiness stew post :)


Kathryn said...

Hi KJ,

MMMMMM! They look so yummy.

Oh and I've been past a bookshop today and, erm, well, I bought the Pret book too. And then I laughed just now as I read your blog entry. We've been away for 2 days, are just home, and I'm about to get stuck into the Pret book. I love the new ideas for lunchboxes as we both take our lunch to work and get bored. Have you tried anything yet?
Oh, and am dying to hear about the Giada book too - please tell us more!

Kathryn x

Paola said...

Hi KJ,

The brownies look awesome! You won't believe this, but just before coming here to check your blog, I was watching some Giada on YouTube. I don't really know much about her but the food she was making looked great. Do you have any Giada cookbook recommendations?


Kelly-Jane said...

Kathryn, cook book twins right enough! No, I haven't made anything yet, but soon I hope!

Paola, I would recommend starting with her first book Everyday Italian. The US food network site has many of her recipes there, I'll post a link with the next Giada post I do :)


Paola said...

Thank you KJ,

I will go look up that book straight away. :)


julie said...

KJ, your blog is really great! At least you can show the world that cookbooks are useful;-)

I am really looking forward to receiving my Dorie book too! How nice of her to drop you a line!!

Helene said...

I have been eyeing these and was about to make them when I changed I know what they look like and I am so making them!

Brilynn said...

I just made these yesterday, everyone loved them and they're gone already!