Monday, 23 April 2007

Snickery Squares

Snickery Squares

This is another from Dorie Greenspan’s Baking form My Home to Yours. An egg enriched shortbread base, topped with caramelised whole peanuts folded into dulce de leche, and finally chocolate and a sprinkling of some more of the caramelised peanuts, but this time chopped finely (well finely-ish in my case).

They were enjoyable to make, and if you’ve made caramel before it should be easy enough. Actually, although I’ve caramelised nuts before these are definitely my best effort to date. I even managed to break them apart easily. The caramel to nut ratio in the recipe was perfect. My bought dulce de leche was a little more liquid than Dorie’s one, but they tasted lovely. If you like the bar that they are named after you are bound to like these upmarket biscuit versions. The same play between nuts, caramel and chocolate is there, and the shortbread base is a bonus! I think I might take the shortbread base and use it for my millionaires shortbread recipe, because it is really good.

What sets these bars apart for me is the caramelising of the peanuts, it makes something that you know will taste good into a real explosion of flavours. Even better the next day, when they’ve all settled together.


Paola said...

OMG! I can almost lick the screen right now! Those look delectable...and I'm madly in need of some chocolate right now!! ;)


annauk said...

These look amazing KJ! and so yummy!
Paola, I agree :-)

Kathryn said...

I don't have that sweet a tooth but I LOVE that kind of food. I could really really dive in too, Paola/Anna.

Food porn!!!!

Kathryn x

Anonymous said...

Wow those look really good. I'm on a study break right now and I'd love to be nibbling on a snickery square!

Ari (Baking and Books)

Kelly-Jane said...

Paola, Anna, Kathryn and Ari, thank you. Food porn! LOL :)


Chris said...

I just found your blog (which is great), was scrolling, and came to a screeeeeeching halt! Seriously?These squares should be against the they have to be worth the risk...:)

Kelly-Jane said...

Hi Chris, They were really good!


Helene said...

I was playing catch up on your posts and then I got stuck on these...OMG!