Monday, 27 February 2012

Easy Goose Cookies, 5th Anniversary and Hairy Biker Giveaway

This month sees the fifth anniversary of my blog, fancy that five years! So to celebrate I made some cookies. I did something that I don’t do very often and that is to bake something that would please me. You know how it is we all make things for our families and friends that we think they will like, but I very rarely do things just for me. You’ll never guess though, everyone else loved them too!

I’ve fancied decorating cookies for a long time now, and my (mostly unused) cookie cutter collection is testament to that. Having recently been inspired by some of the very talented cookie decorating bloggers across the pond this want-to-do has been accelerated up my list of must-dos, until it has reached No1# status.

For now though, I had a roll of white fondant icing in my baking box, and I was wondering what to do with it, indeed I was wondering why I had actually bought it! Inspiration struck however and these cutie pie goose cookies were made. I’m in the process of trying a number of roll out cookie recipes and the one I tried here is from Sweet Sugar Belle’s blog. Her recipe which I used is here (I halved the quantity). They are good and have a great flavour, I used vanilla as the flavouring for my cookies.

For the decorating I used one roll of white ready rolled fondant icing and the black and yellow icing tubes from the little boxes that I managed to buy in my local supermarket, and I reckon if I can buy them they must be readily available! Once you have baked and cooled your cookies, use the same cookie cutter to cut out the white fondant geese and attach them to the cookies with a little apricot jam (no lumpy bits!). To decorate use the black tube to do a little eye and the yellow tube for a little beak and feet. Two of my geese have no feet, you have to take care popping out the cookie dough from the cutter or you lose the feet, however I still liked them so left them as on the water geese.

My little flock :)

This is a really easy project to do for little people, or with them if you like. Mind you adults seem to like them too, because they are cute and taste good.

It is royal icing iced cookies that I really fancy doing now and to that end I have ordered some icing bottles to make that easier, more on this soon. I *might* have ordered some new cookie cutters too, you can’t have too many right?! I’ve got cookies on the brain I tell you!

As a thank you from me to you I’m buying one copy of The Hairy Bikers’ Big Book of Baking by Si King and Dave Myers (out this week!) to give to one reader who leaves a comment on this post saying why you’d like to win it. The winner will be drawn at random. Closing date Midnight 4th March 2012, winner to be announced on 5th March 2012. Good luck and thanks to readers new and old for keeping on reading le blog! NOW CLOSED!

Next Review Up: Cake Magic


Maria♥ said...

Kelly, these goose cookies are adorable!

I've had my eye on the new Hairy Bikers Baking book and would love to win it :)


missflash said...

The cookies look so cute. I've watched Hairy Bikers on tv, but have got none of their books Would love to win as I would have a perfect reason to have a break from my dissertation x

Melissa said...

I would love to win a copy with some traditional and revived British classics!

Elle said...

Happy happy five years Kelly-Jane! Love the flock of cookie cute! I love to bake so that is reason enough to win that book, right? Besides, who can resist Hairy Bikers?

Aby Wilson said...

Love the geese Kelly!! What were the cookie like - don't like them too hard? Can't believe you have been doing this for 5 years - I would love to see your cookbook collection I reckon it would be like a library!!!

Nicky said...

I seem to have missed out on the Hairy Bikers phenomenon - by that I mean I know they exist but have never been in the right place to watch them in action. Time to put that right I think, and a new Baking book would be just the oportunity to do that. I also have a lot of large men (well 3) who need a full cake tin at all times.

Jean said...

Your geese are wonderful !!
I'm not sure I have the patience required to produce a flock of my own so I am full of admiration.

I would love to win the Hairy Bikers baking book, because they are great guys and so like all the bikers I have ever met - full of silly banter and mischief. But they can cook better than most of them !!

Coby said...

I am SO impressed by those adorable gooses Kelly-Jane, and I am sure you are right that you can never have too many cookie cutters! I haven't attempted such decorating before and I DO look forward to seeing what else you create! Congratulations on your 5th anniversary:D

Kelly-Jane said...

Thank you all.

Aby, the cookies were good, once iced they are soft, but not soggy if you know what I mean!

Aby Wilson said...

Just how I like them - will have to give them a go - don't think they will be as pretty as yours! Aby x