Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Pioneer Woman's Flat Apple Pies

The Pioneer Woman Cooks, Recipes from an Accidental Country Girl  by Ree Drummond,  William Morrow 2009.  Do you remember when this book came out? Everyone was wild for it! It was all over the internet and getting rave reviews.  At that time our internet was very poor and dropped out if you just looked at it, so I found it hard to load the posts from Ree’s website.  Still, I bought the book, flicked through it, and that was that.  A few years later, after seeing Ree on her foodnetwork show I decided to start cooking some of her recipes…. And I’ve never stopped! 
I can see that Ree is someone you like a lot or not at all, and I just love her! I so enjoy watching her TV show that I keep some on Sky Plus, just to clam me down if I’ve had a bad day.  This was one of the first recipes of hers that I cooked…. And boy oh boy is it good.  The first time I cooked it I made it for Mothering Sunday for my Mum. I didn’t think apple pie was really my thing, but I cooked it for my mum as I knew she would like it. Well how wrong could I have been, it was simple and so delicious!  I’ve made it many times since, and I’d actually go as far as to say it is one of my very favorite desserts.   Of course Hubby loves it, but he loves all fruit puds.  
The pie crust recipe make two pie crusts, and I always pop one in the freezer for next time. I also use all butter, as I refuse to use shortening.  On the TV Ree serves it with caramel sauce, and I’m sure that would be really good, but alas I’ve never made it past a little dribble of cream. One day I will though...
Recipe link to Foodnetwork site here.

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